Parents As Teachers (PAT) - Lead Coordinator
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St. James R-I School District
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  Posted on: Mar 11, 2020 
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Contract / term
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
ECE, EA/TA/ERW, Clerical, Secretarial, Administrative, Custodians, etc.
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St. James R-1 School District
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Job Description & Requirements

Title: Parents As Teachers (PAT) - Lead Coordinator


  1. Must meet one of the following:
    1. Certification and/or a four year degree in either Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education, Vocational Home Economics, Family and Consumer Sciences or Child Development and demonstrated ability in working with young children and their parents; 
    2. A two-year associate degree or two-year certificate program in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or Nursing and demonstrated ability in working with young children and their parents;
    3. Sixty semester hours or more of credit from an academic degree granting institution which is contained within the United States Department of Education’s Directory of Post-Secondary Institutions and two years of successful experience in a program working with young children and their parents as approved by the Department; or 
    4. Five years of successful experience in a program working with young children and their parents as approved by the Department and a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Must obtain and maintain required certification as a parent educator 


Reports To: Assistant Superintendent 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Parent Instructional Services
  1. Demonstrates and imparts knowledge of child development, child rearing practices, and age appropriate activities
  2. Instructs parents on relevant information regarding child development, language, motor and social skills and age appropriate milestones
  3. Models and teaches appropriate verbal interactions, communication techniques, and behavior management techniques between parent and child
  4. Instructs and supports parents in developing strategies for strengthening their effectiveness
  5. Addresses parent concerns, research information, and connect parents to community resources as needed
  6. Implements the approved Parents at Teachers curriculum
  • Student Screening Services 
  1. Monitors progress of child’s development
  2. Conducts health and developmental screenings for children on an annual basis
  3. Provides verbal and written summaries of screening results to parents
  4. Recognizes and inform behavior and / or development of child that deviates from expected norms
  5. Develops intervention strategies for areas of concern and provide appropriate in-service for parents to implement these strategies
  6. Makes appropriate referrals for additional evaluations or screenings as needed
  • Organization and Management
  1. Provides information on child development to client families
  2. Maintains files to include records of all screenings and transfer to elementary school
  3.  Maintains program records for submittal for state reimbursement
  4. Maintains accurate student contact records for reporting
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  1. Establishes good rapport and maintains an on-going positive relationship with each family in the program through active listening, encouragement, guidance and feedback
  2. Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with district personnel
  3. Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with outside agencies
  • Professional Responsibilities
  1. Participates in professional growth activities as required by district policy and PAT certification requirements
  2. Follows the policies and procedures of the school district
  3. Demonstrates a sense of professional responsibility, and exercises thoughtful independent judgement and discretion
  4. Participates in the planning and presentation of group connections meetings throughout the school year   



Work hours are established by home visit appointments set by Parent Educators, as well as screening and group events scheduled by the District. 

Employment is on an annual basis.  The Assistant Superintendent makes employment recommendations in March of each year for the next fiscal year.  The final decision is made by the Board of Education.

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